Jean (eowyn3) wrote in inxs_fans,

Rockstar INXS - anybody got it on DVD?

I'm not sure if I'm right in saying this but I dont' think the whole world did vote???  Britain, Europe, Africa and South America were never mentioned when they read the list of countries who voted???  Then again I never saw the entire series.

I feel privileged that I saw INXS perform at Wembley Stadium in 1991.  Fucking awesome show.  There was a presence, an aura that filled the entire stadium that I've never felt before or since then at a concert.

I never saw the entire series, as VH1 isn't listed in my TV guide.  Both times it's been on I've come in at the end, and only because I was channel hopping.  The first time when they kicked Jordis off.  The second time when it was down to the final 7.

Does anybody have the entire series on DVD - preshow, show and eviction show - and would they be willing to copy it for me?

I'll pay for cost of DVDs and post and packing.

I can watch Region 1 on my laptop but I would prefer it in Region 2.  However I will gladly accept Region 1 as I can then have it converted so I can watch it on TV.

Loved Jordis, Ty and Deanna, and Marty.  anybody know if they've got CDs coming out?  I know Marty has one and Jordis is releasing one.  Not sure about Ty and Deanna?

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